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My name is Olayinka Oni and I'm a Practising Physician, I'm also an online marketer who loves making a decent income online. I run a Blog www.footballbettingincome.blogspot.com where I share tips that will benefit fellow punters like me. I have helped several individuals get over their frustrations in football betting.

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 In the next sentences to follow I will  reveal to you  the mistakes most football punters make when placing bets  and how to avoid them. I'm also going to reveal to you the secrets of making a good income from football betting even if you have very little knowledge about football.

Before we go on, lets study the following winning screen shots together...

If i were to ask you, what do you see in this screen shot, your answer will be

1.It's an accumulated slip-Correct.

2.All the teams won-Correct.

3.All the teams are from DIFFERENT LEAGUES...WONDERFUL ANSWER !  This is exactly what most people fail to realize when staking on accumulated games...Never place an accumulated slip with several teams in the same league.

Same here...

This one as well...

All these slips show one thing in common...all the teams are from different leagues...Always keep this in mind.

Now lets study this one as well..

Now you will say but this one is a lost slip...yes but what do you see? Its a bet slip from a champions league game and that is a bad idea to place bets on this competition  and you want to know why? I will reveal to you later...Mind I did not deliberately set out to lose this slip to prove a point! Betting on champions league, world cup, FA cup etc are just a good way of donating to bookies generously.

Now let me point to you other blunders you may be making which is causing a hindrance to your success in this venture..

Mistake 1: Trying to win #10,000 with just #50

This is being very greedy and most people start their punting with this concept in mind and at the end of the day lose so much money. You may be lucky just once to achieve this feat but believe me, your chances are probably 1 in 10,000.The bookies design the odds to always be against you.

Mistake 2:  Accumulating too many matches.

A very common mistake that has to do with human psychology, you see several matches that look so juicy and sweet and you just want to greedily combine them to boost your odds as high as possible thereby making hefty income that day.

Be warned ! one of the teams will almost surely spoil your "sweet" accumulation leaving you very angry and frustrated. Research has shown that over 80% of football punters are guilty of this...Don't be one of them!

Mistake 3:   Always betting on the "Big teams"

I have since discovered that quite a number of so called "Big teams" mess up when it matters most, and God help you if you had staked a very large amount of money on them to win.

The favorite teams are never to be depended upon to deliver all the time, example is Barcelona FC and recently Bayern Munich who decided that they had enough of winning games and felt they need to have a feeling of what a loss feels like!!

Mistake 4: Poor Research prior to placing your bet.

Most people will just jump on the game that look very "sure" without doing enough research on the teams involved even when it comes to the team they support.

You need to do some good investigations regarding the teams you want to place bets on... who are the injured players? what is their current standing on the league table? etc.

But most just place bets and later come on facebook to cry about how Manchester United cost them 10k because they lost the game to Aston Villa!

Mistake 5: Poor Money Management.

I can't over-emphasize this enough, never you place over 50% of your bank-roll on a particular game , you need to have an amount set aside for betting on each game or else you will drain your account in a very short time and need to deposit into your betting account every time.

Mistake 6: Poor knowledge of which leagues to place bets on.

Not all leagues are considered favorable to place bets on, even if you know the teams there like the back of your hand. There are certain leagues whose matches have a reputation of being "fixed" and not knowing this can cost you your bets. Also relying on information on these "fixed" matches is not reliable .

Mistake 7: "Chasing your loses"

This means trying to make up for the games lost during the day by placing more bets on subsequent games with the hope that they win back the money you lost previously.

Its been discovered that 80-90% of the time, you will lose those other matches as well because your emotions have began to play with your judgments involving matches- all you just want to do is to recover all your loses but you fall deeper into more loses.

Mistake 8: Placing too many bets per day.

Some punters already have a line up of over 10-20 matches to place bets on for a particular day but end up losing more than they earn because they had too many matches which ended up as loses. Its better you have a few matches per day and make gains than losing 3 matches and winning 1 in the process. And finally:

Mistake 9:  Being impatient!

If you think you will make a large amount of money into your bank account from football betting within a few days or weeks, then forget it! Punting needs a high level of discipline and patience to see your betting account grow slowly and consistently. Its better to earn 5000 Naira every month than setting targets of making 100,000 per week except if you are staking 20,000 Naira per game!

Now that you have some idea of these mistakes are you ready to turn your losing slips to the following types of slips??

What about this one??



    So now that you realize where you have been making mistakes, its about time for you to allow me take you by the hand and lead on a journey to your promised land of success in football betting. For your sake i have compiled something worthwhile that will surely help succeed as a pro punter.

Introducing...Football Mega Cash System.

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There is currently no Football betting video guide in the Nigerian market, this is the very first ever product to be launched !

I'm really excited about this product as I know its going to be of great benefit to everyone who wants to make head way in football betting.

What is this product all about?

The Football Mega Cash System consists of 15 great videos cutting across various aspects of football betting.



As  you can see you have a lot to learn from these videos, I have come to realize that most individuals learn better by audio-visuals hence I have taken the necessary steps to make sure that you get the very best of this system.

Here are a few lucky individuals who have had the opportunity to watch these videos and here are their testimonies...


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So what will i be teaching you in this Video tutorial?



VIDEO 1-Introduction to the guide and general overview of betting.

VIDEO 2-The various bookies and how to open your account.

VIDEO 3-The various bet markets that are worthy of your time and money, not all markets will make you profit.

VIDEO 4 AND 5-These 2 videos will tell you 2 great methods of combining teams in your bet slips for maximum gains.

VIDEO 6- This is my very favourite ;the GOALS market. Here you will see how to use the goals market to your advantage.

VIDEO 7-The Cards market is hardly known to most people but in this video you will see what this market can get you.

VIDEO 8-The Corner market is largely unexplored, but there is so much potential here. 

VIDEO 9-Without good research sites, you will surely continue to make loses, this video reveals all the secret sites you need.

VIDEO 10-Do you love EPL? I will show you a particular pundit who will give the best analysis before you place that bet.

VIDEO 11-If you don't know money management, then you will continue funding and never withdrawing from your account.

VIDEO 12-This video will show how I process my analysis before i place my bets, nothing hidden.

VIDEO 13- You need extra tips that are hidden in football betting, get them here...

VIDEO 14-Knowing what to avoid will save you time and money, all revealed here just for you.

VIDEO 15- Lets wrap things up, a secret site discovered and revealed while we conclude this Video tutorial.


What Will This Video Tutorial Cost You?

Frankly this is a question I've struggled with.

I asked some of my existing customers how much they would have paid, if they knew how much money they were going to make...

They said I'd be crazy  to sell this Video Collection for anything less than N10,000.

So let me ask you a serious question...

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Most videos like this are sold for 12,500 Naira presently but I will like you to have it for just N7,000.

If you're anything like I was, you're already spending more than that on other "systems" (that simply don't work), dodgy tips from other sites, and other losing bets. I once bought a guide for 5000 Naira and all it contained was how to open an account on Bet365.com and place a bet on a winning team during live play which no longer exists on any bookie!!

      I'm giving you a close to 2 hour football video tutorial which you can watch over again and which contains my own personal punting experiences and tips put together over the last 4  seasons  and not some crappy write -up that will promise you that you will never lose any bets again, make 100,000 Naira weekly and all those things that really don't exist in the real world of football betting.

Clearly You Now have 2 options

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After making payment kindly do the following..

Send SMS to 07066577788 with the following details

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And Your Package will be sent to your email Within 6 hours of Payment Confirmation





1.What is the length of this video?

Answer- The total time is between 100-120 Minutes and comprises of 15 videos in MP4 format which you can watch on your system or DVD. Its size is 196MB in total.

2. How will i get access to the package?

Answer- Once payment is confirmed  i will send you an email with the download links to get and download your videos ,you can even watch online if you want.

3.Will I win forever after watching this video guide?

Answer- there is no 100% success recorded in any venture, football betting inclusive, however, your winning rate increases by 80% at least.

4. Is this video guide for new comers or pro punters?

Answer- there is something for everyone to learn even if you have been a punter for several years.

5.Are there any bonuses with this package?

Answer- yes, you will have the following:

1.A copy of  Facebook Fanpage Magic -a material to help with building your impressive fan page.

2. A copy of my Football betting guide e- book created just 2 years ago but still relevant today.

3.A brilliant material on Virtual Football Strategies for those who want to venture into VFL.

4.THE AMAZING 14,000+ LAPTOP BREAKTHROUGH” Material on how to get your own for as low as 14k and other materials that will help you online.

5. What happens after purchase? any further support ?

Answer- You have access to me via email and phone calls ,you are also admitted into my VIP subscribers where you receive match tips every weekend. all for free.


WARNING: This video guide is normally priced at N10,000. I am only offering these discounts  and bonuses to just 25 people, reasons are that i don't want too many people having access to these tips as the bookies will begin to change their markets when they notice that quite a number of people are beginning to win tons of cash from betting.

Just remember, there are only  25 spots available  and when they're gone they're gone... I have taken all the risk out of this for you, if you are not 100% happy with this Football Betting Video Guide, then I will make sure you get every dime back from your purchase, every last kobo with NO questions asked.

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